Friday 30 August 2013

Bali: The prologue

Not long until the event starts. There is a countdown on the EBU front page.

In both the Open(Bermuda Bowl) and Women's(Venice Cup) the first order of business is a complete round robin of 21 matches against the other teams.

The top eight will qualify. It isn't quite as simple as making sure you are in the top eight because your finish position will determine who you can choose or who can choose you when the knock outs start. If we get to the semi final and there are two USA teams still involved in either event then they must play each other.

The actual rules for determining who plays who in the quarter finals are a. complex and b. do not make sense. We have delegated the women's coach David Burn to check them out and possibly comment at the captain's meeting which precedes the event.

You can find the draw here

Both teams have India as their first opponents.

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