Monday, 5 May 2008

Spring Foursomes - Quarter-Final

There were no big surpises in this afternoons Quarter-final matches.

Alexander Allfrey, David Bakhshi, Peter Crouch, Tony Forrester, Glyn Liggins, Andrew Robson & Tim Rees (seeded 1) beat Geoffrey Wolfarth, Gary Hyett, Vladi Isporski & Valio Kovachev (seeded 7) 96 - 52

Simon Gillis, Boye Brogeland, Tom Hanlon, Espen Lindqvist, Hugh McGann, Odin Svendsen (seeded 2) beat Neil Rosen, Martin Jones, Catherine Draper, Ben Green, Duncan Happer & Andrew Woodcock (seeded 3) 72 - 36

Jon Cooke, Martin Garvey, Jeffrey Allerton, Frances Hinden & Graham Osborne (seeded 11) beat Ian Lancaster, Dave Franklin, John Frosztega & Gerry Stanford (seeded 32) 87 - 38

the Undefeated team Chris Jagger, Filip Kurbalija, Ian Pagan & Tim Rees (seeded 10) had a bye this round. They also get to choose their semi-final opponents, and chose to play against Cooke.

The Semi-Final line up is :-
Jagger*(10) v Cooke (11)
Allfrey (1) v Gillis (2)

*If Jagger (the undefeated team) is in arrears after 32 boards, the match will be extended to 40 boards. If they are still in arrears after 40 boards it will be deemed that they have been twice defeated, and they will be eliminated from the competition.

The semi-final & final which take place tomorrow (Tuesday 6 May) will be shown on Bridge Base Online. You can download Bridge Base Online from their website or view it without downloading anything, from the BBOTV website

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